About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2011, Zipongo is a digital nutrition platform that takes the guesswork out of healthy eating with personalized meal recommendations based on biometrics and food preferences. We work with employers, health plans and wellness companies to reduce chronic disease and improve the health of their employees and members through a food as medicine approach.

Our solution delivers real-time support for all the places a person makes food decisions – at home, at work, at the grocery store, and at restaurants. Pointing users to the healthiest recipe and menu choices reduces the likelihood of making poor food choices based on convenience, cost and other factors.

Our Mission

Zipongo’s mission is to reduce chronic disease by positively impacting the one thing everyone does: eat.

We work with employers, health plans and other wellness partners who want to find easy ways to help people eat healthier and prevent chronic disease.

How We Got Here

Zipongo was founded because its leaders understand the significant role nutrition plays in improving overall health.

Changing how we eat is the single behavior that can have the biggest impact on your health. It can reverse chronic disease, help you lose weight and, ultimately, lower your healthcare costs. Yet many wellness programs at work don’t focus effectively on food and nutrition.

Historically, wellness programs tried to address nutrition through methods that are hard to stick to -- food tracking, calorie-restricted diets, weight loss challenges.  Zipongo aims for sustainable, long-term behavior change by pointing individuals to the healthy options all around them -- at home, at the grocery store, at their employer’s onsite cafe, and in local restaurants.

Fueled by Strong Leadership.

Meet a few of our Leaders.

  • Jason Langheier, MD, MPH

    Jason Langheier, MD, MPH

    CEO & Founder
  • Dexter Shurney

    Dexter Shurney

    Chief Medical Officer and SVP Clinical Affairs
  • Greg Aimone

    Greg Aimone

    VP, Solutions
  • Steve Hastings

    Steve Hastings

    VP, Channel Sales
  • Heather Kennedy

    Heather Kennedy

    VP, Customer Success
  • Brendaen Makechnie

    Brendaen Makechnie

    VP, Food Partnerships
  • Chad Malone

    Chad Malone

    Chief Medical Informatics Officer and SVP New Market Growth
  • Scott Matthews

    Scott Matthews

    SVP Product, Marketing and Solutions
  • Alex Muresan

    Alex Muresan

    VP, Engineering
  • John Pizza

    John Pizza

    VP, Sales
  • Kev Smith

    Kev Smith

    SVP, Sales