Zipongo’s New App Makes Healthy Food Tasty, Convenient & Affordable

grocery shopping Today, Zipongo unveiled a major revamp of their mobile app, which now makes healthy food the most tasty, convenient and affordable option for every meal of the day. At the core of the new experience is a powerful personalization engine (think: Netflix for healthy food!) that learns what you like and dislike, down to the individual ingredient.

“What should I eat tonight?” Let Zipongo answer that for you.

A Behind-the-Scenes Glance

Let’s go under the hood with the new app and the Zipongo team that built it. Three things to be excited about:

1. Effortless meal planning.

The new, customizable meal planner is pre-filled with meals based on the foods you and your family love, avoids items you hate, and incorporates how much time you have to cook and your family size. Meals magically refresh each week to give you the variety you need.

2. Time-saving cookbook.

Last minute meals just got easier! Save favorite meals in a cookbook that’s just for you. No more scattered recipe books and notes. Wishlisted items automatically show up in your next meal plan.

3. Smarter grocery list.

One click is all it takes to get recipe ingredients into a digital grocery list. Access the list on your phone, so you never forget the milk again. You can even save yourself a trip to the store by placing a grocery order online directly through the app.

Zipongo makes healthy eating easy with these major enhancements, along with a host of other tools such as grocery discounts, meal kits, restaurant menu guidance and more. The app even has an eating survey — NutriQuiz —  to helps users identify how they should clean up their diet. “Helping our users make better food decisions is critical to their personal success and to drive the outcomes that our customers value. That is the core goal of our product,” says Kartik Shastri, Zipongo’s Director of Product.

It’s Nutrition with a Mission

“People see food as a unique opportunity to change their health. It’s no wonder that the No. 1 health goal of employees and health plan members is to improve their nutrition, and 99% of our members value Zipongo as a benefit,” said Scott Matthews, Zipongo’s COO. When speaking with Zipongo’s CEO, Jason Langheier, M.D., MPH, he explained that, “Everyone eats, and virtually everyone wants to feel better, lose weight or manage a health condition. Sadly, few people are aware that advertising, cultural norms and emotions affect their eating decisions. We tackle those head on.”

Zipongo recognizes that almost everyone struggles when deciding what to eat, and this leads to unhealthy decisions. It appears that the company’s hard work is paying off. According to Matthews, “Around 70% of Zipongo users improve their nutrition in areas like healthy fats, healthy proteins, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and sodium, within six months of using the app. While good health is priceless, this represents a $267 potential annual savings per person, and we’re just getting started.”

With results like that, a new mobile app, and almost half a million enrolled users, Zipongo’s definitely a company to have on your radar.

To learn more, view the demo video below, and give them a shout here.

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